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ZNKR Seitei iaidō, Mugai-ryu Iaihyodō, Kendō and Jodō


Zen Nippon Kendo Renmei (ZNKR) 3-dō Seitei iaido and Mugai-Ryu Iaihyodo [our koryu], jodō and kendō training weekly

The aim and focus of training at our dōjō is a pursuit of Budō as iaidō, kendō and jodō is taught in Japan. Training is for the purpose of learning how to become a better person through regular training and study. The reigi, philosophy and history of the arts are as important as learning the physical techniques. While you will learn how to use the sword and train in authentic Japanese sword arts, the ultimate aim is seishin shugyo.

All budō at our dōjō is an extension of our sensei's dōjōs in Japan. Therefore our training is essentially the same as training in Japan and there is no gap to bridge when we visit Japan or when sensei visit us in Chrstchurch. We are not affiliated with the NZKF but instead enjoy a direct connection to the ZNKR through our sensei in Japan.

In training you are expected to be always trying to improve yourself by doing your best and listening to instruction, respecting your sensei, senpai, the history of the art and all those around you. iaido is not physically overly hard, but there is a strong expectation of mental maturity and good manners


We accept any person who is serious about learning the art into the dōjō and in Iaidō, kendō and jodō there is no advantage to be had in either age nor gender. The most important thing is mental maturity. People have various reasons for starting Iaido, which is fine, but be prepared to evaluate your philosophy in order to improve yourself. Iaido isn't a scary shouty type of Martial arts training, which in some ways requires more self discipline, but it also means that the learning curve is not as steep either. Learning happens right through your training life, so there is no hurry.